April 7, 2024 Carol's Dragon Fly Ranch Carol's Pond It has been a busy time here and a sad time. Yesterday, I attended a Celebration of Life for Janis Liles. Her husband Bob and I have been friends since Kindergarten at Central Grade School. Janis was a nice person. I will miss her. The Celebration was in Austin, TX. Austin is a little over 300 miles from Carol's Pond. I left early yesterday morning and came home that same day? Why? Because of the eclipse, Holiday Inn wanted $289 for one night. Insane. I wouldn't pay that for the whole building. The media has created an eclipse frenzy. I have seen one and it is no big deal. But what concerns me is the manipulation of the people and the government by the media. It makes me nervous. The trip to Austin took longer than I thought. I ignored the GPS which wanted me to go through Dallas. I won't drive in Dallas or Houston without a navigator with me. Now I can add Austin to that list which al
  Carol's Dragonfly Ranch Home of Carol's Pond February 19, 2024 For better than a month, my left breast has been very tender and painful. So I went to the doctor and a few minutes ago, the hospital called and I have a mammogram and ultrasound scheduled. I do not believe in chemo or radiation. As far as surgery is concerned, no, I have been cut on 15 times and that is enough. But I do want to know what is going on. Is it benign or malignant? While breast cancer in men is rare it does occur. My doctor said he had 5 or 6 male patients with breast cancer. The weather has cooled off and that is disgusting. I do wish Mother Nature would stop with the temper tantrums. Cold weather sucks. We have had sufficient rain so the water level in the Carol's Pond is in good shape. That means that Goat Island is back. Up on County Road 4510 there are daffodils blooming. Our daffodils are up but are not blooming yet. Our neighbor Ben, had a yard full of tiny white flo
  Carol's Dragon Fly Ranch Home of Carol's Pond February 4, 2024 Several happenings since the last post, a mini reunion, a delivery and a record number of falls. It has been interesting. About the mini reunion, Mark Beasey, a long time friend, since 7 th grade visited for several days and was here for the delivery of Scout. Sorry Mark, Trigger and Blue Boy just didn't seem right. Blue Boy was close but Scout won out. Who is Scout, you ask. Scout is my new power chair. A power chair is controlled by a joy stick while a scooter is controlled by handlebars like the ones at a store. My friend Freda was also here for the delivery and maiden voyage where I promptly ran it through the drywall. Someone asked me if they had drivers education for power chairs, sadly they don't, but I need it. Or did. While Mark was here we took Scout out on the deck. This house is totally handicap accessible and that is great. I can not fit through the door into the guest
Carol's Dragon Fly Ranch Home of Carol's Pond January 26,2024 Well I finally discovered where Whitey hangs out when he is not here. There is a large pond south of me and there were 5 or 6 Great White Egrets all snuggled together trying to stay dry. I doubt if they were successful. But this is my anniversary week. My niece was born on the 24 th , I was honorably discharged from the USAF on the 25 th , I went in the USAF on the 26 th , I was divorced on the 27 th , my Mother passed on the 30 th and my sister on the 31 st . And to top it off I got my new power chair today. And yes I have already hit the wall and put a hole in the drywall. So, this week makes me very nervous. This week there is also a mini Class of 66 reunion here at Carol's Pond. Mark Beasey has driven up from Florida to visit for a few days. He says he is came to visit but I suspect Pam needed a break!!!!! Later, Rex  
  Carol's Dragonfly Ranch Home of Carol's Pond January 17, 2024 Today is a disgusting day!! The last three days have been disgusting too, but today was the worst. When I got up this morning and looked out at Carol's Pond, the ducks were gone and there was skim ice all across the pond. That sucks. The weather has been very cold, it was 9 this morning and that sucks too. It is supposed to get to 35 this afternoon and I hope it does. I have talked to Mother Nature about this weather but I don't think she is listening to me. If she keeps this up I may have to take action. What can I do to Mother Nature? I can go out on the deck and shoot her a full Moon and nobody wants to see that!! Later, Rex
Carol's Dragonfly Ranch Home of Carol's Pond January 11, 2024 Some great news, my prostate decided to come out of retirement and start working again. It is great. Yesterday a small flock of ducks visited Carol's Pond. I don't see them this morning and we seldom get ducks in. There are no resident ducks or geese and that is kind of sad, I like watching them. When I was in the wheelchair my brother would wheel me into the spare bedroom and I could watch the pond at Crown Point. I enjoyed it and it spoiled me. I have to live on water, it doesn't have to be big water like a lake, but a fountain would not do. Later, Rex  
  Carol's Dragon Fly Ranch Home of Carol's Pond January 6, 2024 Happy New Year, it has been rather quiet here around the pond. Whitey and Blue Boy stopped in for a visit but did not stay long. I have seen Hawkeye or Hooter fly past but they were too far out to correctly identify the right one. As fast as they were moving it could have been either one or both. Now for some news. Hospice is coming Monday to speak with me and get me set up for it. If possible, I will remain at home. The prostate is the problem. What may be difficult for some to comprehend, I look forward to passing. Why? I have been in constant pain for over 21 years. In my life I have had 15 surgeries, 6 kidney procedures and 34 broken bones. Enough is enough. The prostate can not be surgically removed because of scar tissue. Thus the only option is radiation and I told the doctor to radiate himself. I do not believe in radiation. In my opinion, they use too much and it destroys things it